Introducing ProQuest Rialto

Universities are partnering with ProQuest to create a next generation solution that bridges selection and acquisition for an efficient, effective, timely system that increases value to users.

ProQuest Rialto

ProQuest is commencing the development of Rialto, a ground-breaking approach to unify selection and acquisition in academic libraries. Through benchmark analytics, recommendations, and a comprehensive marketplace with content of all types – books, ebooks, video and more – from many sources, libraries will have the tools to become more effective and efficient, and to buy what they need, use what they buy.

Partner universities have signed on to guide the development of Rialto. These institutions include:

ProQuest Rialto Development Partner universities include...

See our vision:

"This is about reimagining how libraries select and acquire content in ways never before possible, solving longstanding pain points
and inefficiencies in the library."
-Oren Beit-Arie, ProQuest Chief Strategy Officer

Here's what our development partners are saying about Rialto

Esther Arens,
University of Leicester

Pascal Calarco,
University of Windsor

Annette Coates,
Northumbria University


Gavin Phillips,
Imperial College London

Elize Rowan,
University of Edinburgh

Scott Cowan,
University of Windsor


David Yott,
University of Windsor

Steve Smith,
Boston University

Sarah Sanabria, Southern Methodist University
Carole Correa-Morris, San Jose State University

Rialto's Transformative Approach is Based on Four Concepts:

1. Comprehensive Marketplace

Rialto makes it easy to buy what you need, use what you buy with a best-in-class market. It will be a single destination for all content types from a variety of publishers and platforms offering multiple access models and licenses.


2. Unification Over Integration

Rialto is a single system built on the Alma platform creating an automatic end-to-end workflow. This allows libraries to provide better service to patrons as information flows quickly from request to availability and better communication to all involved in the selection and acquisition process. In Rialto, past actions inform future purchase decisions.


3. Analytics

Rialto's analytics will use data from the library and the community to produce intelligent recommendations based on the usage and value of purchases. Analytics are embedded to support decisions at the point of need. Libraries can more accurately report the value of the library and impacts on patrons to faculty and constituents.


4. Intuitive User Experience

The customer experience in Rialto is based on a user-centered approach to support the needs of a variety of staff, from selection through fulfillment. The design is focused around simplification, accessibility, and intuitive steps with the right information presented at the right time.


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