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"Rialto is about re-imagining how libraries select and acquire content of all types in ways never before possible, solving longstanding pain points and inefficiencies, putting choice back in the library, while aligning with our core value of supporting openness."

– Oren Beit-Arie, ProQuest & Ex Libris Chief Strategy Officer

Buy What You Need, Use What You Buy

ProQuest Rialto, built on Alma, the Ex Libris Higher Education cloud platform, is a next-generation, user-friendly solution for unifying and streamlining selection and acquisition workflows in academic libraries. Through analytics, recommendations, and a comprehensive marketplace with content of all types – books, ebooks, video and more – from many sources, libraries become more effective and efficient.

Webinar: How to Bridge the Publisher-Librarian Gap to Solve Selection Challenges

Access this recorded webinar, presented in conjunction with ACRL/CHOICE, from August 2019.


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Here's what our development partners are saying about Rialto

Esther Arens,
University of Leicester

Pascal Calarco,
University of Windsor

Annette Coates,
Northumbria University


Gavin Phillips,
Imperial College London

Elize Rowan,
University of Edinburgh

Scott Cowan,
University of Windsor


David Yott,
University of Windsor

Sarah Sanabria, Southern Methodist University
Carole Correa-Morris, San Jose State University

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ProQuest Rialto Development Partner universities include...