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ProQuest One Literature Marketing Toolkit

Boost usage with these helpful marketing resources!

Get the most of your ProQuest One Literature subscription by helping students, faculty, staff and other library users engage with the resource. Below you will find a variety of digital and print-ready materials which you can use to promote this comprehensive interdisciplinary collection.

From web banners, to posters, to social media images, email templates and rolling screen presentations, there is a tool for all your library needs. Promote ProQuest One Literature and raise the library's profile within your institution. And if you would like any of these pieces customized with your logo or web address, please get in touch with our expert marketing team.


Rolling On-Screen Presentations and Videos

Use these simple PowerPoint templates to run on in-library display screens or digital signage sites. The templates are easily customizable and provide an engaging way to promote ProQuest One Literature to users.

ProQuest One Literature Overview - Long

Presentation [PowerPoint Show PPSX]

ProQuest One Literature Overview - Short

Presentation [PowerPoint Show PPSX]

Posters - US Format (Letter and Tabloid)

These simple yet striking posters are a great way to promote ProQuest One Literature across the in-library poster displays or bulletin boards. The posters also double up as a magazine library feature and leaflet.

Poster Tabloid Landscape

Tabloid Poster Landscape

Poster Tabloid Portrait

Tabloid Poster Portrait

Poster Tabloid ALL

All Tabloid Posters

Poster Letter Landscape

Letter Poster Landscape

Poster Letter Portrait

Letter Poster Portrait

Poster Letter ALL

All Letter Posters

Posters - International Format (A3 and A4)

These simple yet striking posters are a great way to promote ProQuest One Literature across the in-library poster displays or bulletin boards. The posters also double up as a magazine library feature and leaflet.

A3 Poster Landscape

A3 Poster Landscape

A3 Poster Portrait

A3 Poster Portrait

A3 Poster ALL

All A3 Posters

A4 poster landscape

A4 Poster Landscape

A$ poster portrait

A4 Poster Portrait

a4 poster all

All A4 Posters

Social Media

Your users are constantly online so why not use your social media channels to drive attention to the resources your library provides? Staff and students sometimes need a bit of help and a reminder about the databases they have access to. These can be particularly effective during new student induction periods or "assignments are due" times. Below you will find images and sample text you can use and customize with #s and your library web links.


Instagram Images

facebook and linkedin

Facebook and LinkedIn Images


Twitter Images

sample social media posts

Social Media Posts Twitter and Facebook

linkedin and instagram

Social Media Posts Instagram and LinkedIn


Library visitors can be subtly reminded of the institution’s online resources if access guides in the form of bookmarks are visible near learning spaces and info desks.

bookmark 1

Bookmark 1

bookmark v2

Bookmark 2

Online/Web Banners

Use these to place on the library resources page; "new in the library" blog post; featured database area; your institutions' newsletter or web section or anywhere else where you promote library collections.

online banner

Web Banner 120x600px

online banner

Web Banner 580x130px

online banner

Web Banner 600x600px

ProQuest One Literature

Driving awareness to library resources like ProQuest One Literature can positively impact teaching and learning across the institution. The tools provided above are intended to encourage your library team to try something new and help students and staff make the most out of your content investment.

If you would like us to help by providing customized materials for your library, please do not hesitate to contact our team of marketing experts by filling in this form.

If you would like to arrange additional training for your library team or students, please contact customer support.

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