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Welcome to 'Discovering Medical Sources', the ProQuest Platform Training Series

Your library has access to a range of ProQuest Health & Medical resources and we're here to help you get the most out of these resources. In this training series, our expert trainer Daniela Cason will be focusing on the search functionality for teaching, learning and research through ProQuest. We will start at introductory level suitable for non-expert users, students, under and post-graduate and will progress to advanced level for expert users, librarians and government researchers.     

Louisa Vickers-Mills

"With the ever-growing challenges the biomedical research is meeting today and the growing importance of the evidence-based medicine investigations, it is more important than ever that researchers are able to find what they need efficiently and effectively. I have learned a lot from our customers over the last 25 years with ProQuest and Dialog, understanding their needs and supporting them with complex applications in clinical medicine, drug and patent information. I now have the pleasure to share what I’ve learned with the next generation of researchers, or simply those new to the ProQuest platform." - Daniela Cason, Senior Training and Consulting Partner, ProQuest

Here Is What You Can Expect

Sessions will last 60 minutes and will progress from basic searches through to advanced level. If you are entirely new to the ProQuest platform, and would like an short overview of full platform functionality before joining the sessions below, we recommend you watch some of our short e-learning modules available in the 'On Demand' section further down the page.

Schedule and Topics

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LGBTQ+ Healthcare | Adolescents' Psychological Responses | Searching Nursing Sources| On Demand

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Medical Training Series - Webinar 2

LGBTQ+ Healthcare inequality treatment of (young) patients facing gender reassignment

Available now

Duration: 60 min

Several Social Sciences and healthcare sources on ProQuest help cover research on diversity issues, such as the topic here: if and how the welfare system in a given country generates inequality issues for the young patients who deal with gender identity.

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Medical Training Series - Webinar 3

Adolescents' psychological responses to major stressing events (pandemic isolation, war economy, displacement and insecurity)

Available now

Duration: 60 min

The most recent global events are generating several psychological consequences particularly in the young population. What are their responces and health outcomes when facing the isolation required by the pandemic and the insecurity, from economic up to homeland misplacement, caused by the war?

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Medical Resources Training - Webinar 1

Searching Nursing sources on ProQuest for Literature reviews

Available now

Duration: 60 min

The Healthcare content collection on ProQuest allows for extensive literature research for Nursing and Midwifery. We will introduce the content collection, sample applications supporting the Nursing curriculum and some special features that allow handling large quantities of results in support of systematic revews. 

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More On Demand


Fundamentals of searching on the ProQuest platform

Duration: 40 minutes

This session focuses on: system defaults, search variants, operators, truncation, search fields and narrow filters, free text search vs controlled terms, using the visual thesaurus and name searching – look up lists. 


Further tools for precision searching on the ProQuest platform

Duration: 44 minutes

This session focuses on: set searching, combining searches, operators precedence and nesting; limiters and the searches behind, syntax of using the thesaurus features in command line, multifile search and deduplication, best practices with bibliographic databases vs full text databases, bulk records download and saved searches and alerts. 


Systematic reviews and literature searches in biomedical sources

Duration: 50 minutes

This session focuses on: understanding the extent and scope of ProQuest support for systematic reviews, building an efficient and comprehensive PICO search, using the ProQuest platform features to save and store the search results. 


Systematic reviews and finding the appraised reports in biomedical sources

Duration: 33 minutes

This session focuses on: best practices to find filtered/appraised studies already published in the literature and creating alerts to stay current on newly published systematic reviews. 


Systematic reviews and literature searches in psycho-sociology sources

Duration: 55 minutes

This session focuses on: understanding the extent and scope of ProQuest support to systematic reviews, searching for systematic reviews already published in the literature and best practices to build a comprehensive and efficient PICO search. 


Social and psychological effects of the pandemic – literature review  

Duration: 48 minutes

This session focuses on: becoming familiar with the content collections covering social sciences, sample applications and best practices for efficient searches and creating saved searches and alerts to monitor the current literature production.


ProQuest Platform Training - Basic Search

Duration: 2 mins 41 seconds

This video provides a short overview of the basic search functionality on the ProQuest platform. 


ProQuest Platform Training - Search Results

Duration: 3 mins 43 seconds

This video provides a short overview of the search results provided on the ProQuest platform. 

Continuous Learning with ProQuest

ProQuest’s webinars are open to anyone with an interest in research, teaching and learning. They span a range of topics from academic trends to the changing ways students are using information to practical tips on how to use ProQuest products.

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