“We don’t give voice to the voiceless. Everyone has a voice, and with the right resources, we can amplify the words and experiences of those who weren’t considered important enough to be heard.”

Prof. Marcia Chatelain, African American Studies, Georgetown University


We’re seeing curricula evolving to address questions of diversity, equity and inclusion, and libraries are conscientious about ensuring collections represent all users, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, age and political and religious belief. 

Not only are libraries committed to these principles – it is often libraries leading the way in their institution’s DEI initiatives.

ProQuest can help with building collections to meet the needs of your institution and its unique community of students, scholars and educators.  Our award-winning, expertly curated collections – spanning books, video, scholarly journals, primary sources and more – are intentionally developed in alignment with these principles for teaching and learning success across the curriculum.


Evaluating and selecting the right content to diversify collections can be overwhelming. Our expert Customer Workflow Consultants can help libraries build profiles on relevant topics, and we can also analyze your collections and reading lists to reveal gaps and biases for more informed purchasing decisions.

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Your users depend on reliable content that reveals genuine insights and perspectives of people from different backgrounds, belief systems and experiences. ProQuest has partnered with such major organizations such as the USC Shoah Foundation, NAACP, Thirdworld Newsreel and many others to develop extensive collections of authoritative content and authentic voices across every format.

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With ever-tightening budgets, libraries need affordable options for building more diverse collections. We have solutions to help. From pricing plans to special offers across all content types, we are here to accommodate your budget and your users’ needs.

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ProQuest Highlights

& Identity

This rapidly expanding area of study demands accessible sources and authentic narratives. ProQuest’s comprehensive multimedia resources cover every facet of this complex topic through unique multi-format, multidisciplinary content.

& Ethnicity
History Vault: Civil Rights and the Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century

ProQuest provides collections that are intentionally inclusive and diverse to support deeper, more comprehensive analysis and understanding of race and ethnicity across disciplines like history, business, the social sciences and literature.

LGBT Magazine Archive

Explore topics in LGBTQ+ history, culture, social movements, marriage equality, families, physical/mental health issues, and more – across various content types including primary sources, dissertations, books, video and others.


ProQuest’s unique collections provide comprehensive insights and information on the many facets of the world’s major religions through various content types including scholarly articles, videos, ebooks and dissertations.

Political Belief

Political divisiveness permeates every aspect of society and culture, with college and university campuses around the world often deeply impacted by these tensions. ProQuest’s comprehensive, multiformat collections span diverse historical and contemporary views for insights on today’s most pressing and controversial political topics.


Explore issues of aging across disciplines and over a span of time. With ProQuest, researchers can access comprehensive multimedia resources covering every facet of this complex topic through unique multi-format, multidisciplinary content.

Physcial Ability

Challenge stereotypes and stigmatization of disability and enable exploration of the social and political factors that have shaped perceptions and experiences of people with disabilities. ProQuest’s unique, multiformat resources engage this subject matter across the humanities, sciences and social sciences.



Class and Socio-economic

Economic disparity and social class impact areas such as healthcare, education and employment opportunity, as well as intersect with gender equality, LGBTQ rights and racial justice. ProQuest’s comprehensive, multiformat collections span diverse historical and contemporary views for insights on these critical topics.

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