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Academic Libraries are expected to offer additional services. The pandemic is accelerating this change. The increase in virtual and hybrid learning means that library support is more important than ever but libraries now require to get more done - all while facing more pressure from institutional leadership to prove value and ROI.

ProQuest Ex Libris can help you provide an excellent patron experience, collaborate and communicate across campus and support your university's mission reliably and cost-effectively.

More value, less effort

Unifying management of all library resources and streamlining workflows reduces time spent on low-value tasks and provides library leaders with a complete overview of library operations. By working more efficiently and effectively, librarians can deliver greater value through customer-facing services and better support teaching and learning.

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Work Smarter
Work Smarter
Advance your university’s mission

Working with ProQuest and Ex Libris gives libraries the tools to get the most out of their collections by enabling access on the go, and opening up resources from other institutions with award-winning resource-sharing tools. Powerful analytics and insights support data-driven purchase decisions and show the impact of the library to institution leadership.

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Support student and faculty success – on campus and remotely

ProQuest Ex Libris helps your library expose the content your patrons need, when and where they need it through easy-to-use, accessible mobile apps that enable campus communications and simplify access to library resources.

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Work Smarter
Connect and collaborate with the community

With ProQuest and Ex Libris, your library is not only supported by solutions with years of R&D, but:

  • A thriving global user community that collaborates, supports one another, shares best practices and Open Apps, helping users meet essential and changing institutional needs.
  • User groups, an Idea Exchange platform and more – so your voice is heard as we develop products.
  • A team of experts providing world-class customized support -including a first-year customer success program.
Open, User-Friendly, Uncomplicated.

Create more connected and adaptable library services cost-effectively with ProQuest and Ex Libris, through:

  • Straightforward implementation process: You don’t need dedicated infrastructure or an IT team to accelerate productivity.
  • Cloud-based products and Open APIs: user-friendly, uncomplicated solutions that are easy to implement and connect to your institution’s ecosystem.
  • A common knowledgebase and open cloud-based apps so you can add new functionalities with just one click.
  • A real ecosystem of comprehensive cloud software solutions with a clear development roadmap, extensive free documentation, and the latest international cybersecurity and privacy certifications, so your data is always safe and under your control.

Resource Highlights


Intuitive and focused unification of library Print, Electronic and Digital collections management, Alma eliminates time-consuming manual processes and complex patchworks of siloed systems, reduces costs, and increases reliability.

  • Alma easily integrates with other institutional systems
  • No hardware or IT support is needed
  • The setup is simple, and your local Ex Libris team will assist you with onboarding & implementation
  • Consortia can manage their catalog, acquisitions, and analytics collaboratively

Maximize the exposure of your library collections, and provide students and researchers with fast access to scholarly materials and intuitive ways to explore new content.

  • Delivering the experience that users expect
  • Maximizing the value of library collections
  • Embedding discovery in the academic ecosystem
  • Supporting the art of librarianship

The shift to online learning has forced libraries to accelerate their services related to course materials and provide alternatives to physical resources. In this climate, an efficient course resource delivery solution is more important than ever.

  • Streamline access to course materials
  • Reduce student costs by leveraging library collections, expertise and services
  • Enhance the student and faculty experience
  • Support retention and improve learning affordability in online, on-campus, and hybrid learning environments

No library has the ability or budget to own everything – and since the 1960s, resource sharing has been key to overcoming this limitation. The digital age has greatly increased its importance, helping users get access to useful local, national and international resources more easily than ever before. Rapido helps libraries:

  • Unlock the resources of the community with fast, digital interlibrary loan (ILL) capabilities
  • Reduce costs
  • Seamlessly integrate ILL into your existing library workflows
  • Make the most of current collections

ProQuest Rialto is a comprehensive academic marketplace, designed to be a single integrated experience enabling evidence-based, data-driven decisions.

  • Seamless and unified workflow from selection to acquisition
  • Collaboration among library staff and faculty through real-time activity indicators
  • Intuitive design that is easy to navigate and quick to learn
Library Mobile

A patron-first native library mobile app that makes easy for libraries to deliver exceptional digital library experiences through a streamlined admin interface, seamless integrations and unlimited free push notifications.

  • Easy to use interface lets non-technical admins create and deploy content swiftly
  • Encourage patron interactions with the library by using personalized content, events and account information
  • Allows patrons to access the resources they need any time and on any device

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