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The demand for library e-content has exploded – and so has the need for a
trusted and experienced library partner like ProQuest. We can help you convert
your print collections to "E" quickly and affordably. Turn to ProQuest for print to
electronic conversion services
– and varied and unique e-content across
subject areas and centuries.

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Electronic versions of my existing physical resources
Get P-to-E title-matching, fast

ProQuest's proprietary process maps a library's physical items – such as books, historical periodicals and newspapers – to e-versions contained in ProQuest's digital archive. Once we match your titles, we can help you acquire them affordably.

Access to more e-resources like
books, periodicals, government documents and
music scores
Acquire content and fill collection gaps

E doesn't stop with books. Faculty and students need access to e-versions of historical periodicals and newspapers, government documents, music scores and more. These resources need to meet the high expectations of digital-native users.

Enhance teaching and learning experiences
Bridge the gap with streaming video

Students of hands-on disciplines like performing arts, health care and behavioral sciences can still get access to real-life experiences to support teaching, learning and research. Explore a wide range of subject areas.

To reclaim space, make my library safer, and guard against natural disasters
Maintain safety, safekeeping, sanitation and space

Re-opening libraries requires enough space to ensure social distancing. Print materials must be sanitized and protected. Make safety and continuity planning a priority today.

Digital Collections Available to Your Library

Don't Panic – Prepare.

With the help of a partner like ProQuest, it's easier than ever before to build an affordable collection that
withstands whatever the future may bring. Get in touch today.

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