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As an information professional, you help people find the research they’re after. But the more queries people come to you with, the less time you’ve got for your own role. 

But there is a better way

Imagine being able to search the world’s best content, save that search and share it with your users for them to access whenever they want.

All of this is possible with Dialog and it is transforming how information professionals work: 

  • • It gives you more time to focus on higher value tasks
  • • The self-service features make your users more self-sufficient
  • • Dialog can help you prove the value you’re providing

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Transform The Way You Work

As an information professional, it is tough to provide a better service to your end-users, prove the value you deliver to the organisation and deal with an ever-shrinking budget. Your end-users expect an instant response from you to their research queries, like they get with an online search. At the same time, the wider organisation will be looking at ways to cut costs and doesn't understand the impact of your role on wider research activity.

This is where the Dialog research platform can help you. It allows you to: access over 140 peer-reviewed content databases; make your end-users more self-sufficient; and demonstrate the impact that your department has. 

 Key Features

The Dialog research tool provides access to an unparalleled breadth and depth of content, which is available through a range of flexible pricing options. Combined with Dialog Alerts Manager and the self-service feature, information professionals can easily manage multiple database searches and set up alerts to receive the latest search results. 

Make your users more self-sufficient

Self-service alerts allow end-users to independently follow your research and receive relevant results.

Organise your way 

Manage your self-service alerts with custom topic trees (e.g. by department, drug or therapeutic area), making it easy for your users to find relevant alerts to follow.

Prove your ROI

See how many users are following your research to help demonstrate the value you're adding to the research of your end-users.


Quickly create accessible research

Complex alerts can be easily built using hedges (frequently used terms for common subjects) and then shared with anyone who needs to see the results.

Powerful alert and search management

Manage large volumes of searches and quickly find alerts by name, database, format, frequency, recipient or search syntax. 

Flexible access to peer-reviewed content

Access over 140 literature databases on a range of pricing models, from pay-as-you-go to subscription options.

Find Out More

With the Dialog® platform and Dialog Alerts Manager you can transform how you create and deliver research to your end-users. It has never been easier to make your users more self-sufficient, prove the value you deliver and free up your own time. Click the link below to get started using Dialog for your research needs:


Find out more about Dialog, Dialog Alerts Manager, and the content databases available: 


Dialog allows researchers to access and search peer-reviewed content databases from the world’s most reliable sources. 

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Dialog Alerts Manager

Dialog Alerts Manager allows you to create Dialog Alerts, which are automated email notifications that deliver new publications on your topics as they become available on Dialog

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Through Dialog, researchers can access more than 140 databases offering over 1.3 billion records.

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