Women's Rights and Women's History Resources from ProQuest

Six New Resource Guides for Research and Teaching
in Women's Rights and Women's History

A century since Women's Suffrage, the rights of women and the wider issues surrounding women's history and women in social movements are more important than ever!
To inspire better teaching and learning, ProQuest has created six new Resource Guides that faculty and students can use to easily teach and explore key primary source collections for Women's History.

Share these free guides which contain information that will help students make connections and provide help for teaching – including ideas and targeted questions for Women's Rights and Women's Studies topics.  
Visit the Resource Guides: 

  1. Women’s Rights, Health, Education, and Employment in the Gerritsen Collection - This resource guide features primary source content from the Gerritsen Collection of Aletta Jacobs. This guide helps teach and explore archival material in women’s rights, women’s health and medicine, educational and conduct literature for women, and women’s employment. Contains targeted questions by unit.
  2. Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820: Selections from Document Clusters on Native Women in North America - A specially curated selection of content from ProQuest’s Women in Social Movements: Modern Empires collection, which can be used to teach and explore topics in women’s leadership history in native American tribes. Content dates span from the 1800s to 2014.
  3. Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820: Selections from Document Clusters on Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa - This resource guide highlights content selections from ProQuest’s Women in Social Movements: Modern Empires collection, including journals, newspapers, interviews and more with titles and dates, which can be used to teach and research diverse voices and perspectives of women activists across the globe during the Habsburg Empire, the British Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Russian, Dutch and French Empires.
  4. Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820: Selections from Document Clusters on United States Empire - This resource guide highlights content selections from ProQuest’s Women in Social Movements: Modern Empires collection for research and teaching. Highlighted document clusters support topics such as Anti-Imperialist Writings of Cuban Feminists, 1896-1985, Korean Women in Hawai'i, 1916-1961, African American and Black African Women Build Civil Society in South Africa, 1920-1960 and more.
  5. Women and Social Movements, International 1840-Present: Conference Proceedings - This resource guide provides an overview of the Women and Social Movements, International 1840-Present collection and the many themes that recur including: the promotion of women’s legal and civil rights, access to jobs and education, provisions for women’s health, and building women’s networks and collective voices through conferences and journals. Through providing descriptions and overviews of selected proceedings from different world regions this Guide uncovers and inspires topics that could be taught and researched in this arena.
  6. Women and Social Movements – Key Topics - This resource guide shows example topics that can be studied across three collections in the Women’s and Social Movements Library: Women and Social Movements in the United States: 1600-2000, Women and Social Movements International, and Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820.
    Example topics include:
    --Native American Documents
    --Women and Anti-Slavery Activism
    --American Missionaries
    --Human Rights
    --Women’s Health


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