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TDM Studio



Analyze. Visualize. Connect. Discover.

Text and Data Mining Resources for Libraries

Uncovering relationships, patterns and connections in datasets advances knowledge, empowers discovery and acts as a foundation for innovation. From an initial idea to the final output, give students, faculty and researchers access to text and data mining tools to help uncover career defining research outcomes. Discover new insights and challenge previous findings with TDM Studio.

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Whether you're new to TDM or already an expert, join us to learn more about how you can help bring this critical technology to your university.
        • Get an overview of how researchers are using TDM across disciplines
        • See why TDM is growing in academic research, teaching and learning
        • Learn how you can use it to help drive connections, insights and career-defining discoveries
We'll walk you through a live demo of TDM Studio and answer your questions. Choose the webinar that best fits your schedule.
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