Trends in COVID-19 News Coverage

TDM Studio Case Study:

Trends in COVID-19 News Coverage

Read the Case Study by Princeton researcher Gavin Cook
What is TDM?
Text and data mining, or TDM, is the process of selecting and analyzing large amounts of text data in an automated manner to find patterns and relationships in the data, in order to develop knowledge and insights on a given research topic. 

See how today's researchers are using TDM Studio to gain new insights

Princeton University researcher Gavin Cook used TDM Studio, ProQuest's text and data mining solution, to analyze nearly a million articles and uncover insights on COVID-19.  

Read the case study to learn about:

 • Gavin's research process using TDM Studio

 • An introduction to topic modeling

 • What Gavin's analysis revealed about the world's reaction to COVID-19


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