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Expand the Boundaries of Literary Studies

Literary research, teaching and learning is evolving in exciting ways. Scholars are stepping beyond the Western canon to analyze diverse and lesser-known voices. Faculty are tapping multiple formats, like audio and video, to create immersive experiences for their students.

Key Benefits

  • Smart Search: Results point users to the most relevant content including curated author and movement pages.
  • Expansive Content and Indexing: The vast collection of over 3 million literature and language citations includes the power of the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL).
  • Contemporary Criticism: Over 1,200 literary journals offers the best coverage in the market for the criticism resources scholars and faculty need for deep research and comparative perspectives.
  • Curated Author and Literary Movement Pages: Robust Author, Literary Movement, and Literary Work pages provide context and help users frame and study differences and similarities of primary texts and authors across topical, societal, historical, philosophical and stylistic categories.
  • Multiple Interpretations: Over 1,300 videos including Poets on Screen and other performances inform the research process and literary study by bringing primary texts to life — demonstrating interpretations of works in multimedia format.

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Why ProQuest One Literature?

Developed in collaboration with faculty, scholars and librarians leading the call for a comprehensive literature resource, ProQuest One Literature is now the destination for all aspects of literature research, teaching and learning. This ever-growing destination helps users employ the varied content they need to examine literary topics and voices for research, critical perspectives and course planning.

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Unprecedented diversity with access to hard-to-find texts from black and world writers supports diversity in scholarship and perspectives.

Unparalleled selection of content including 1,200 full-text journals, 500,000 primary works, 20,000 historic literary criticism sources, 1,300 videos, and 20,000 ebooks enables breadth and depth of study.

Current scholarship available from 14,000 dissertations and thesis showcases the latest research in literary studies and uncovers a treasure trove of reference citations.

Teaching & Learning

Authoritative resources bring together the world’s largest collection of poetry, prose, and drama from the eighth century to today—ranging from the classic canon to the growing contemporary catalog of works.

Multimedia, including video and audio, allows teachers to showcase multiple performances of a work to open students to new interpretations that challenge assumptions.

Topic Pages on authors, literary movements and primary works enable connections across literary, cultural, and historical themes and act as a jumping off point for assignments.




Diverse and Rich Content

Rare and hard-to-find texts from black and world writers introduces new perspectives


Full-text journals, literary criticism, videos, dissertations, ebooks, primary texts, curated author and movement pages


Content will continue to grow to support the needs of literary students, teachers, and scholars

Community Centric

Collaboration with library and faculty advisory groups makes a resource of the community for the community