Are you meeting the increasing demand for non-English language materials?

If your library is like the ones recently surveyed by ProQuest, you struggle to keep up with the expanding need for non-English language books, ebooks, journals and other content needed by today's students and researchers. More than a third of respondents said they are falling short in making these resources available to their users.

According to a recent Pew survey, the number of international students enrolled in all degree programs has more than doubled since 2008 at public schools throughout the U.S. The number at private schools lags only slightly behind. For these students and scholars, having access to materials in their native language can vastly improve their opportunities for academic success.

This increased demand for non-English language materials isn't only coming from international or ESL enrollees. A growing number of students and researchers are pursuing specializations in languages like Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. But budget hurdles and difficulty in sourcing and vetting non-English language content can make it challenging to accommodate the needs of these library users.

Download the ProQuest whitepaper for more information on the kinds of non-English language content that are most sought after in academic libraries, and learn about solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Download the whitepaper

This paper explores data from ProQuest’s 2017 survey of 177 academic librarians representing institutions in the United States and Canada. Two key areas were probed:

  • • Sourcing and vetting non-English language content
  • • Consequences of being unable to meet this demand

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