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The following collections are moving to new homes! All customers will have dual access through the end of 2018. Please contact us with any questions.

Early European Books 

Early European Books will be moving from the legacy Chadwyck-Healey interface to the powerful, award-winning ProQuest platform. You’ll have the same unlimited access to the wealth of all the benefits of the user-friendly interface and a brand-new data visualization tool, with features like interactive maps and the ability to cross-search with other resources on the ProQuest platform. Read about the enhancements.


Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 has moved to provide more flexibility with new content types in the future, such as video and audio. This also offers new opportunities for researchers and students to cross-search with our other Women and Social Movements collections through the Women and Social Movements Library. Bookmark the new site.


Coming Soon: African Diaspora, 1860-Present

Get an unparalleled view into the experiences and contributions of individuals in the Diaspora, as told through their own accounts. This collection will spans 100,000 pages of international primary and secondary source documents — including many never-before digitized documents — and 50 hours of video, curated for Black Studies, African American History and World History scholars. 

History Vault - Progressive Era: Robert M. La Follette Papers

As a U.S. representative, governor, and U.S. Senator, La Follette left enduring political legacies. This collection documents his early career in the political reform movement from 1879 to 1910. Read the essay and blog post. Request a free trial.


Historical Newspapers:

Los Angeles Times (1881-2010) — Extended Years

Coming later this year, an additional 15 years of coverage (1995-2010) is being added to the Historical Newspapers: Los Angeles Times database (1881-1994). The expanded years will be in article-level Historical Newspapers format. In addition to the expanded years of access, libraries that purchase a Perpetual Archive License will also receive additional years of ownership, expanded from 1881-1936 to 1881-1950. Request a free trial.

St. Petersburg Times/Tampa Bay Times (1901-2009)

One of the top 10 newspaper titles in the U.S., this page-level historical newspaper contains the years 1901-2009 and is a closed file. Known as the St. Petersburg Times until 2012, this title is recognized for its liberal stance, journalistic excellence and as the flagship newspaper of the Poynter family. Request a free trial.



Digital National Security Archive: CIA Covert Operations, Part III: From Kennedy to Nixon

Curated by Pulitzer-nominated author John Prados, this third collection in the series takes the story from the epic disaster of the Bay of Pigs through a series of covert activities in Cuba, British Guiana, Bolivia, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Iraq and more. From the epic disaster of the Bay of Pigs through covert activities in Cuba, Indonesia, Iraq and more ... from first-hand reports, unprecedented coverage, CIA meeting notes with presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Read the blog post. Request a free trial.

Global Issues Library

Global Issues Library examines major issues of today – including borders, climate change and human rights violations – and provides over 500,000 pages of deep primary sources, essays, case studies, commentary and over 900 hours of documentaries and historical news footage. Organized and indexed around these key issues, video interviews, oral histories, letters and diaries show these issues at human scale. Government reports, books and documentaries present the regional and global impact with statistical and qualitative measures. Historical coverage allows students to compare issues today with earlier examples and trace similarities and differences.  Editorial oversight ensures multiple perspectives are preserved. Request a free trial.

Coming Soon: Environmental Issues Online

Available as a separate resource or as part of Global Issues Library. Solutions to real-world issues lie at the intersections of the social sciences, the biological and earth sciences, the humanities, legal studies and policy. Archival primary sources and videos address major past and ongoing environmental issues in comparative, historical, global and interdisciplinary ways.  

Revolution and Protest Online

Available as a separate resource or as part of Global Issues Library. A new way to examine how revolutions, protests, resistance, and social movements have shaped and transformed the human experience globally from the printing revolution to the Arab Spring. Request a free trial.


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