ProQuest supports libraries with diverse, equitable and inclusive collections – affordably

Through collections and services, libraries have a unique platform to support diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, ensuring representation of diverse users and reflecting every voice, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability or belief.

But librarians tell us these efforts can be challenging. Budgets are shrinking and they are continually expected to do more with less – which makes it difficult to grow collections and services according to demand.

Authentic: From news to periodicals to books, primary sources help students learn from authentic, alternative perspectives and voices. Discover the most diverse and inclusive selection of primary sources to support your emerging research and learning needs across disciplines. See new titles available for 2021.

Affordable: Options like affordable subscriptions, subscribe-to-own buying plans, or special pricing on primary source collection purchases help stretch your budget.

Consultative: ProQuest in-house librarian experts can review your library collection and university curriculum and provide insights on content that meets the needs of your users, free of charge.

Ask about a full list of new collections, pricing plans, or holdings review.

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Primary Sources Highlights

Here are examples, including new and award-winning collections, from ProQuest's breadth of primary sources.

Gender & Identity

  • NEW! Women and Social Movements in the US (add-on modules): Having it All; The National Organization for Women, ERA and NOW Chapters Lesbian Feminist Action
  • NEW! Women’s Magazine Archive, 3
  • NEW! Queer Pasts (Faculty Research Project)
Race & Ethnicity

  • NEW! Black Historical Newspapers: Michigan Chronicle
  • NEW! History Vault: Southern Life and African American History, Plantations Records, Part 3
  • NEW! Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration
  • NEW! History Vault: Latino Civil Rights during the Carter Administration
  • Black Studies Center (moving to ProQuest Platform in March 2021!)

  • American Jewish Historical Newspapers
  • Twentieth Century Religious Thought Library
  • Religious Magazine Archive
Political Belief
Political Belief

  • NEW! Leftist Newspapers and Periodicals
  • Revolution and Protest Online
  • History Vault: Students for a Democratic Society

  • NEW! History Vault: American Federation of Labor: Samuel Gompers Era Records
Human Rights
Human Rights

  • Visual History Archive
  • Digital National Security Archive (6 Human Rights collections)
  • Human Rights Studies Online

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