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Creative Strategies to Transform Your Ebook Program

As an Ebook Central customer, you already have access to tools that can improve your library's ebook program and engage your patrons. But you may not be using them to their full capacity — so we've developed a webinar series to help. Each month, we'll present a different topic that will help make the most out of the Ebook Central platform you've invested in. You can attend these webinars live or listen to them on-demand at your convenience.

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LibCentral's Title Report: Your New Best Friend
Learn how to use the most informative report in LibCentral, Ebook Central’s administrative portal. The title report is powerful, beneficial and simple for libraries who need data to make important decisions on acquisition models, upgrades and more.

April 25, 9:00am EDTApril 25, 2:00pm EDT

Are DRM-Free Ebooks Returning the Value We Think They Are?
Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free ebooks offer the freedom to let patrons access content on their own terms. But are DRM-free titles used more than their DRM-enabled counterparts? And are libraries making sound investments by seeking out DRM-free content? We’ll show you the data.

May 21, 9:00am EDTMay 21, 2:00pm EDT

It’s the Little Things That Count: What Makes the Difference in DDA Programs
The question for librarians has shifted from “Should I use demand-driven acquisition?” to “Who should I use for my DDA program?” DDA is available from so many vendors, each with subtle differences in their offerings – and those nuances can make all the difference for a successful, sustainable DDA program.

June 11, 9:00am EDTJune 11, 2:00pm EDT

Just Because You Build It, That Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come: Driving Usage with New Ebook Central Marketing Materials
Make sure your patrons know about the resources you’ve invested in! See our wealth of digital and print resources to help promote Ebook Central and other key products at your library.

August 13, 9:00am EDTAugust 13, 2:00pm EDT

Preventing Turn-Aways with Extended Access
A simple setting in LibCentral will have a huge impact on your patrons – with little impact on your budget. Enabling extended access will help fulfill your mission of “access for all” while alleviating the fear that removing turnaways will smash your library’s ebook budget.

August 27, 9:00am EDTAugust 27, 2:00pm EDT

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Are you getting the most out of Ebook Central?
Covering the basics, we'll show you an overview of recent enhancements, demonstrate the new integration with Syndetics Unbound, and provide an introduction to the LibCentral Administrative portal.

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Ebook acquisition models: the basics
Get a primer on Ebook Central's acquisition models — and how they work together to optimize your budget, streamline your workflow, and meet your library's collection development goals.

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View the slide deck - Session 2: Ebook Acquisiton Models: The Basics

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Spotlight on DDA, ATO, and profiling
Get an in-depth look into two popular usage-based acquisition models: Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) and Access-to-Own (ATO). Learn how to work with your ProQuest Collections Workflow Consultant to set up your profile so you can acquire books that your patrons need, and get tips on maximizing title availability while making the most of your budget.

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View the slide deck - Session 3: Spotlight on DDA, ATO and profiling

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The librarian's guide to access permissions
Learn how to set the access permissions that work best for your library and your budget. We'll discuss how to set the number of users and levels of access, mediation, extended access, DRM-free unlimited access titles and more.

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View the slide deck - Session 4: Librarian's Guide to Access permissions

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Unlimited access with DRM-Free titles
DRM-free content is available on Ebook Central and it provides an unlimited, friction-free experience for your users. Learn more about ProQuest's selection of DRM-free titles, and how they'll improve usability for your patrons.

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View the slide deck - Session 5: Unlimited access with DRM-free titles on Ebook Central

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Making the most of MARC records
Enhance discovery with MARC records. Understand how to find them, how to use them, and get tips and tricks on using LibCentral to manage your MARC records.

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Gain better insights through analytics and reporting
Did you know LibCentral has the best reporting capabilities in the market? See what data you can collect — including usage, expenditure and patron analytics. We put the tools in your hands to get insights into what your patrons need.

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View the slide deck - Session 7: Gain better insights through analytics and reporting

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