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The Dialog platform is designed to make it easier for you to search through patent and non-patent literature. 

It gives you unrivalled access to non-patent literature and full-text patent databases, letting you search for everything at once. 

Dialog includes powerful search features that mean you can quickly find examples of prior art and tackle your workload more efficiently. 

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 Dialog for Patent Examiners

The Dialog platform can help you get through your patent examination workload more quickly and efficiently. It combines a wide range of sources with powerful search functionality to help you rapidly find relevant examples of prior art.  

Dialog provides patent and non-patent literature sources, all of which you can search with a single query. The Dialog platform offers one of the broadest sources of patent and non-patent literature, including:

  • • Bibliographic data for 110 countries (INPADOC, Global Patents Bibliographic Database)
  • • Full text for 31 countries and patent authorities (English AND original language) 
  • • Non-patent literature across more than 100 databases on a broad range of subjects

Dialog offers a powerful solution for searching this content. The robust search platform allows you to: 

  • • Create long, complex search statements
  • • Develop multi-statement, multi-set search strategies 
  • • Build large search sets

But it also makes it easier for you to review and analyse your search results, so you can examine more patents in less time.

Key Features for Prior Art Searching:

Quickly Screen and Review Results 

  • • Key words in context view to see search terms in records at a glance, with different colors for each search-term
  • • Preview key parts of a record directly from the results list by hovering the cursor over the result
  • • See image thumbnails from full text patent records in the results list
  • • Review, scroll or rotate images side-by-side with the record’s text 

Easily Filter and Refine Results 

  • • The advanced search interface provides field-limiting drop-down options 
  • • Search within results or combine sets of results
  • • Use filters to narrow results. These include patent classifications; assignees; inventors; publication countries.

Save and Re-Run Searches 

Dialog allows you to save and re-use search strategies, which saves you time when you are reviewing many similar patent applications: 

  • • Save your searches and run them within the Dialog interface 
  • • Export your searches to save and edit them offline 

Using either of these methods, entire complex strategies can be re-run with a single click, reducing the time it would take to recreate the searches.  

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