New Whitepaper:  Why DDA is Here to Stay

Demand-driven acquisition, or DDA, a usage-based acquisition model for books, has been available for more than a decade. We conducted an extensive survey to get a snapshot of where DDA stands today with libraries around the world. Read the new ProQuest whitepaper and hear directly from librarians who use it.


Whitepaper: Why DDA is Here to Stay


What you'll learn:

  • • The basics of DDA and other types of usage-based acquisition
  • • Why some libraries don’t use DDA
  • • How libraries evaluate the success of DDA programs
  • • How DDA has helped libraries improve their return on investment

Get the whitepaper for the full story on DDA.

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Get the companion infographic for compelling data on the post-purchase usage of DDA titles.

DDA Infographic


Use these resources to learn more about DDA, ask a question or request a free trial:

Ebook Central

Ebook Central® 

Learn more about DDA and flexible acquisition models on the Ebook Central website. Ebook Central offers the widest selection of content, the most flexibility, and is backed with the market's most sophisticated administrative engine. 

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