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How text and data mining can empower research innovation

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Explore a Text and Data Mining Solution for Researchers Across Your Campus

From the initial idea to the final output, text and data mining (TDM) can help researchers analyze massive amounts of data to uncover patterns and connections, inspiring discovery and innovation in all disciplines.

Learn how today’s researchers, faculty and students are using TDM to break new ground at their universities.

  • TDM Studio Case Study: Analyzing COVID-19-Related Regulations
    What are people saying about COVID-19 regulatory responses, and which regulatory issues have prompted the most discussion? George Washington University researcher Zhoudan Xie used TDM to analyze and gain insights from thousands of news articles. Download the case study.
  • TDM Infographic: The Efficient Path for Text and Data Mining
    This new infographic can help you visualize the challenges text and data can create – and how to solve them. Download the infographic.
  • A Look Inside TDM Studio
    From finding and refining new content to data output visualizations, this detailed brochure provides a chance to look inside TDM Studio, the new TDM solution from ProQuest. Download the product brochure.

Advance research at your institution.
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Watch the Recorded August 11, 2020 ACRL/Choice Webinar:

Advance Your University's Research Mission with Text and Data Mining

In this webinar, you'll hear from John Cocklin at Dartmouth College and Caroline Muglia at the University of Southern California. They'll share new ways to collaborate with research teams, help researchers get more value from the library's existing content, facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and support and influence research outcomes through text and data mining.


Watch the Webinar


Analyze. Connect. Discover.

From business to healthcare to humanities and every discipline in between, this offering from ProQuest gives students, faculty and researchers access to text and data mining tools that lead to career-defining research outcomes.


Sought-After Content for TDM
Sought-After Content
Access current and historical content with a collection of ProQuest rights-cleared content across disciplines and format types and the ability to upload your own datasets.
Use data analysis methods provided by ProQuest or your preferred methods using open-source programmatic languages like R and Python.
Efficiency and Collaboration
Efficiency & Collaboration
Significantly decrease the time to create datasets, access content in a consistent data schema across ProQuest sources, and collaborate in real time with colleagues on a single platform.
Research, Teaching and Learning
Research, Teaching & Learning
Enhance research, teaching and learning outcomes across campus with a solution designed for varied skill levels in research methodologies and approaches.


Give your researchers, faculty and students the tools they need

TDM Studio meets the need for libraries and researchers to create an environment that drives innovation forward.

Interest has come from every discipline. TDM approaches open up new areas of scholarly enquiry. The introductory workshops we scheduled attracted immediate attention and were booked in less than 24 hours.We are looking forward to working with our researchers to understand the exciting opportunities that TDM can bring.- Prashant Pandey, Director of Library Services at Flinders University

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