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Vancouver Sun (1912-2010)

Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun is a broadsheet that has been publishing daily (except Sundays and holidays) since 1912. It is one of two major daily newspapers in British Columbia and has the largest newsroom of any newspaper in Western Canada. It is known for its wide range of coverage, international and local, from the Paris Peace Conference, to the Prohibition Era, and the Komagata Maru Incident. It was the first paper in the world to use digital photography and was distinguished for its award-winning editorial cartoonists.

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Times-Colonist (1884-2010)


The Time-Colonist is the oldest daily newspaper in Western Canada. It was created by the 1980 merger of the British Colonist, which began publishing in 1858, and the Victoria Daily Times, which began in 1884. The newspapers' blend of local news and commentary received its prominence by covering the history of Victoria and Vancouver Island's economic development of the fishing, farming and forestry industry from the gold rush days of the 1850s to Victoria's current status as British Columbia's capital city. The 126 years of coverage includes every British Columbia Premier and Canadian Prime Minister to hold office through 2010, the moon landing, both world wars, and much more.

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The Province (1894-2010)

The Province

Formerly a broadsheet, The Province later became a tabloid and is one of two major daily newspapers in British Columbia. The Province has been known as a vital part of the community since its beginning in 1894 covering various social movements in Vancouver including labor strikes, first-wave feminism, moral reform, temperance, and alcohol prohibition. The newspaper has also reported on world issues that have affected Vancouver, such as the Vancouver seaport's competitiveness as a major international port for global trade after the opening of the Panama Canal, and the forced relocation and internment of Japanese Canadians from the West Coast after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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