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Releasing in July – December 2020:

Featured Image - Women and Social Movements


 Early European Books 18—History Chronicles: History chronicles from the Early Modern Period from the collections of Bibliothèque nationale de France and Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal.

 Health and Fitness Magazine Archive: This collection supports research in topics such as the history of sex roles, body image, fitness/exercise, public health, food/nutrition, and medicine.

 Men’s Magazine Archive: A collection of some of the earliest and most influential Men’s publications – National Police Gazette (1845-1977) and Argosy (1882-1978) – among other leading titles.

 Women and Social Movements in the US, Women’s Citizenship and State Power: Focuses on questions of women’s citizenship and state power in the mid-twentieth century U.S.

 History Vault: 

  •  CIA Cold War Research Reports and Records on Communism in China and Eastern Europe: CIA Research Reports from 1946-1976 and records collected by Raymond Murphy on Communism in China and Eastern Europe from 1917-1958.
  •  Southern Women and their Families in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Women’s letters document illness, pregnancy, and childbirth in a society in which very few diseases are well understood, in which death was common among all age groups, and infant mortality was an accepted fact of life. 
  •  Temperance and Prohibition Movement: Records and publications of the principal organizations which sought to reduce and ultimately to eliminate the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States.


Featured Image - Immigration


 Regulatory Insight: Historic Rules & Guidance: Historic guidance documents include manuals, circulars, orders and more, sourced from Executive Branch Documents.

 Executive Branch Documents – Collection 6: Extends the date range for existing content (1789–1948) to include approximately 60,000 records from 1949–1952.

 Trends & Policy: US Immigration: The inaugural module for ProQuest’s Trends and Policy product line. This collection connects policies implemented by the U.S. government with the data-driven results and trends of those policies and provides context with analytical reports and news articles.

 Digital National Security Archive: 

  •  President Daily Briefings, Part 2: Nixon and Ford: Provides scholars with actual Top Secret intelligence reports provided daily to the White House on global developments during a critical period in the Cold War.
  •  Donald Rumsfeld Files: An extraordinary schematic of U.S. defense and national security policy in the months prior to and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.