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Researcher Needs in 2020 and Beyond

Learn what we discovered about the broadening scope of content researchers depend on and how librarians are meeting the information needs of their users.

  • 2019 Study "The Librarian’s Point of View On the Need for Varied Content Types"
    We asked librarians on their views on the information needs and challenges facing researchers. Read the paper and learn how librarians perceive research databases and what they have learned from their users.
  • 2018 Study "Understanding the Content Researchers Use and Value"
    Faculty from around the world overwhelmingly see value in students using a wide variety of content types in their studies. Learn what resources your faculty and students can use to improve teaching and research outcomes.
  • 2017 Study "Research and Teaching Rely on Content Diversity"
    The study discusses how faculty use multiple content types in their work and
    why they are teaching students to look beyond journals.

Take a deep dive into 3 years of research. Download the research studies:

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Watch the webinar recording, originally featured in a 2019 ACRL/Choice Webinar:

What Do Students and Faculty Need in a Research Database? The Librarian’s Perspective

Learn how librarians perceive research databases in the wake of changing student and faculty content needs.  The research paper, published jointly by Library Journal and ProQuest, sheds some light on the importance of having a variety of content available to users, how libraries can evolve their collections to meet today’s academic needs and more.


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Hear our experts discuss the findings of the most recent studies


Human-Centered Design: Constructing Library Resources for Real-World Needs

Take a look at the interactive, fascinating journey of how ProQuest is reinventing yesterday’s linear databases into interactive research, teaching and learning experiences.

How the Use of Varied Content Types Drives Impact in Research, Teaching and Learning

Peer-reviewed journals are still essential for research and teaching, but the mix of content used by faculty and students is expanding.

What Researchers Want in 2017: Understanding the Evolving Information Needs of Researchers

The information needs of researchers change constantly. New technologies, changes in curricula, the emergence of new subject areas and disciplines are just a few of the factors that impact the kinds of content researchers need.


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Key takeaways for librarians

As academic research is becoming more multidisciplinary in nature, this trend is driving the need for comprehensive research databases that span multiple disciplines.

By providing collections that align closer to their users' resource, librarians can support researchers who are studying complex global challenges and need a solid understanding of how various issues are intertwined.


Researchers go beyond the traditional journal and rely on diverse and rich content types
Multidisciplinary, multi-format databases help users discover the most relevant content
Students seek a variety of viewpoints but struggle with which ones to trust
Libraries help users by providing resources aligned to learning needs


Give your faculty and students exactly what they need

ProQuest is meeting this need for a multidisciplinary, multi-format collection with a revolutionary new product: ProQuest One Academic.

Named Outstanding Academic Title for 2019 by Choice Magazine:

Essentially, ProQuest is offering a wide variety of source types used for academic research in a single, cross-searchable platform and continues to deliver the award-winning usability librarians and library users have come to expect... This product offers both substance and style. ProQuest is about as intuitive as it gets.

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