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        In our latest brochure, among the information about new resources, you’ll find some of our favourite
        stories – true tales of people changing their world in ways large and small. We hope you feel as much
        pride in their accomplishments as we did. 

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ProQuest enables people to change their world in ways large and small. What extraordinary story has your library inspired? Tell us and we’ll be glad to share it with ProQuest customers worldwide! Email us at stories@proquest.com

Extraordinary Stories

Extraordinary Revelation

Doctoral candidate Zack Turpin uncovered a series of 19th-century men’s fitness articles under the title “Manly Health” by Mose Velsor – the pseudonym of American poet Walt Whitman. A fan of ProQuest Historical Newspapers, Turpin searched on “Mose Velsor,” and his findings proved illuminating in understanding a critical period in Whitman’s career. Read more >>

Extraordinary Insights

By spotlighting the everyday details of the African American experience, Professor Matt Delmont created an acclaimed digital project, “Black Quotidian,” populated with archival articles from newspapers digitized in the ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers collection. “Reading Black newspapers is a way into a richer history, where struggle was a part of everyday life, but not always dominant in peoples’ minds,” he says. Read more >>

Extraordinary Culture + Language

In 2004, Vilsoni Hereniko wrote and directed “The Land Has Eyes,” a tribute to Rotuma, the Polynesian island where he was born and raised. The movie toured the film-festival circuit before vanishing from sight. Then, Alexander Street discovered “The Land Has Eyes” and gave it a new life as part of a ProQuest curated anthropology collection for scholars everywhere. Read more >>



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ProQuest Historical Newspapers

ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ is the definitive newspaper digital archive offering full-text and full-image articles for significant newspapers dating back to the 18th Century.

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Alexander Street Anthropology Collection

Alexander Street builds and curates comprehensive, multimedia resources for the study of anthropology, including the largest collection of ethnographic videos and previously unpublished archival field materials.

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