Jisc's Group Purchasing Pilot Webinar Series


Demonstrating how the digital primary resources available through the pilot can be used in everyday teaching and research. 

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Fashion and Design

Included Arts and Architecture Archive and The Vogue Italia Archive.
To listen to a recording of this webinar click here. This webinar provided an insight and historical record of the work of leading artists, photographers, designers, and stylists of the 20th century, as well as documenting the key contemporary debates and trends in the arts and in wider society. Examples were provided through our archives of consumer and trade magazines in the fields of fashion, art/design, and architecture.

Marriage, Divorce and Family Life

Tuesday 6th June – 2:00pm BST

Including British Periodicals III and IV, House of Lords Parliamentary Papers and The Vogue Italia Archive.
This webinar will demonstrate the integral role the House of Lords Parliamentary Papers has in discovering previously unknown information around divorce proceedings in the 1800’s. From Queen Caroline’s divorce proceedings in 1820 to scores of other wealthy petitioners, first hand evidence was heard from servants and many others. This resource and webinar will have relevance for studies in history, gender studies, parliament, law, social studies and more. Register your place here.

The Industrial Revolution and Working Conditions

Date Coming Soon. 

Including House of Lords Parliamentary Papers. 
This webinar demonstrates how the Lords Papers are essential to understanding Factory Act and child labour reforms by revealing the plight of those who toiled in the pits, factories, and even chimneys. With the acceleration of the Industrial Revolution in the first half of the 19th Century, working conditions in factories and mines were downright deplorable. Long working hours, unsafe conditions, and poor pay led Parliament, and the House of Lords in particular, to investigate and report upon many of the less savory aspects of the Industrial Revolution. 

Empire and Decolonisation

Date Coming Soon. 

Including House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 21st Century Modules 1 and 2, British Periodicals III and IV and News, Policy and Politics Magazine Archive. 
This webinar demonstrates how the resources above disclose the British public’s (as well as the government’s) evolving attitudes towards the wider world. The primary sources in these collections include first-hand accounts of experiences in the colonies, views about race and foreign cultures, and analysis of Britain’s changing role on the world stage. These archives provide a unique window on the final phase of the British Empire and the ensuing independence movements and decolonisation.