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Women's History

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From Suffragettes to the "Me Too" Movement

Give students access to primary sources to develop critical thinking and diverse content that deepens research. 


Changing the World video Watch the video sample "Changing the World, in Makers: Women Who Make America" available in Academic Video Online.

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ACRL Webinar: How Does the Past Inform Today?

How Does the Past Inform Today?

Watch the on-demand webinar with key primary source collections for research in social movements.

The Margaret Sanger Papers

Essay: The Margaret Sanger Papers Illuminate the Historical Roots of the Birth Control Movement

Learn why this material is important today and why students should have access to this content.




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Women's History

Women's History

Key primary source collections for research in social movements.


Women and Social Movements Library

New: Women and Social Movements Library

Nearly 400,000 pages of primary source documents and more than 200 related scholarly essays on women’s public activism globally, from 1600 to the present.

History VaultHistory Vault

New: Margaret Sanger Papers, (1879-1966). Insights on the history of changing attitudes towards women’s roles and sexuality from the principal founder and lifelong leader of movements. 


The Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs

This vast, cross-cultural resource spans continents and centuries to trace the evolution of feminism. Content includes rare works from the early 17th century and pivotal publications from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Public Petitions to Parliament

Public Petitions to Parliament, 1833-1918

Gain insight on the formative role of petitions to Parliament during the 19th century (1833-1918), an unparalleled period of political modernization and democratization in Britain, including suffragette petitions.


ProQuest Congressional 

An unparalleled view into events from this comprehensive collection of primary source documents from 1789 to the present.


Women's Magazine Archive

Two collections offer full coverage of leading women’s consumer magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal, Parents, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and more.


Vogue and Vogue Italia

The Vogue Archive and The Vogue Italia Archive

The fully indexed, complete run of U.S. Vogue, from 1892 to the present, and the full run of Vogue Italia, from its launch in 1964 to present -- for research in women’s studies as well as American and international popular culture.

Harper's Bazaar

The Harper's Bazaar Archive

America’s first fashion magazine and digitally available in its entirety for the first time, this corpora of primary source material supports studies of body image, gender studies, marketing to women, and more.

Resources for Women's & Gender Studies

Resources for Women's & Gender Studies

Nineteenth through twentieth century primary source records span slavery and plantation records, political activity, women’s rights at the voting booth, in the workplace and in education. Plus explore and research women's and gender studies with videos, magazines, periodicals and more.

Historical NewspapersHistorical Newspapers

Primary source material essential to the study of women’s history, politics, and the arts. Explore coverage of International Women’s Day in Communist Historical  Newspaper Collection – 1917-2013. 

Sanger ebook


Discover a wide range of ebooks on women’s studies across time and continents.